Recognition is an integral component of Livingstone Health Care Limited’s organisational values, which involves acknowledging and appreciating the contributions of our employees. By enhancing recognition, we can attract and retain the competent workforce needed to deliver improved patient care, as outlined in the Livingstone Health Care Limited Long-Term Workforce Plan.

One of the vital elements of the Livingstone Health Care Limited People Promise is recognition and reward. Recognition, as defined, is a simple “thank you” for day-to-day work and formal recognition for exceptional dedication. Studies have shown that pay alone cannot influence employee well-being, engagement, and retention in the long run. Praise and social approval are also proven to be critical factors.

Livingstone Health Care Limited is committed to fostering a culture of recognition. The Livingstone Health Care Limited People Promise’s elements reflect what our employees hold most valuable. The commitment we make to our employees is recognition and reward, which positively affect their behaviours and contribute to improvements in their health and well-being. However, a lack of recognition or poorly delivered recognition can result in employee disengagement and feelings of undervaluation.